from the future... with a warning.

Global catastrophe is just over the horizon.

The future is the dystopian hellscape you never thought you’d live to see. 

The government-issued fiat currencies are worthless.

You are but a mere serf to a brutal regime of oppression and tyranny.

The Maybe Time Travelers are here to rescue humanity before it’s too late.


The Maybe Time Travelers NFT appear as inconspicuous, ordinary looking dudes in funny costumes, but in reality are genius scientists who come from the future carrying knowledge of an impending global catastrophe that has given rise to an authoritarian New World Order.


This New World Order, known simply as The Regime, has printed trillions of dollars in short time, stripping all fiat currencies of their value & instituting a single digital, programmable currency as the only currency of trade authorized by the governing body, The Party.


This currency is under the full control of The Regime and in a dark, hopeless future, its usefulness is based on how “good” of a citizen you are, where “good” is defined by The Party and is entirely comprised of arbitrary, oftentimes impossible to meet behavior and thought-based standards.


Citizens are given Citizenship Scores based on social interactions, environmental responsibility, and the most invasive of all, their personal thoughts and beliefs.


A citizen who earns less than satisfactory scores has his or her currency utility limited, and in “extreme cases” (as defined by The Regime) invalidated all together.


Earth’s people live with an unforgiving boot on their neck and the watchful eye over their shoulder at all times, ensuring they’re always an upstanding, useful, right-thinking global citizen.


Under the employ of the tyrannical Regime, a group of scientists began to outwardly question the motives of The Party, and as a result, fell out of favor with the Oligarchs and Elites.


As The Party began to perceive The Scientists once valuable usefulness as a budding threat to its stranglehold on power, The Scientists were put on public trial and convicted of Criminal Code 81:C:3… Foul Speech and Dangerous Thoughts…


They were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives laboring in the gulags. But The Regime has made a rare miscalculation in their otherwise routine brutalizing of The People.


The Scientists, mustering unbelievable levels of bravery and fortitude, quickly began working in secret to subvert the totalitarian efforts of The Regime.


Between shifts in the blockchain yards, where they serve their sentences laboring away mining currency to fluff the coffers of The Regime, they began formulating a seditious secret plot to build a time machine… and send themselves back decades to an age when men were free, and opportunity to save humanity was taking its last dying breaths.


The mission? Three fold…


First, warn the free world of looming global disaster and the dystopian, iron-fisted rule that will soon fill the power vacuum the catastrophe created. Tell them the horrors of feeding your family with a currency based on your inner-most thoughts and subconscious behaviors.


Second, accumulate as much crypto currency as possible before the Oligarchs destroy it, preserving the empowerment of sovereign peoples of the world to control their own destiny.


And third, teach the masses of the early 2020’s to build their own wealth before The Regime takes power and destroys all avenues of financial freedom for the common man.


With the fate of the world resting in their hands, under a high-stakes cloud of absolute secrecy within the walls of the gulags, the Scientists manage to scrap together enough materials and use their vast, diverse scientific expertise to build an operable time machine.


They set the clock for 2022, crank the levers, smash the blinking buttons, say goodbye to their loved ones, and depart for yesteryear with the noble mission weighing heavily within their hearts and souls…


Save the world from the hellscape it’s soon to become or live with the regret of failing to protect humanity from eternal serfdom.


They wander the streets among us now, They seek out all traces of unclaimed cryptocurrencies. They are creating wealth building tools and platforms to share with those who hope to preserve their way of life and keep free people… free.


They do it in secret, in the shadows, so as not to be discovered by The Party’s spies who are rumored to be roaming these very same streets…


They dawn innumerable disguises to fortify the integrity of their mission…


Some look at them and say, “These men are false prophets!”


But the wiser give pause, and plea with their peers…


“Wait!” they say… “They may be…. time travelers!”



a roadmap to secure future prosperity


• Building a community of NFT and Crypto enthusiasts, wizards, and people looking to learn

• Provide an open forum for community members to give input on desired features for our creator and collector tools

• Creation and minting of 8000 unique NFT’s

• 10% of initial and secondary sales allocated to our community investor wallet

• 10% allocated for charitable donations

• Regular giveaways in ETH, and other valuable goodies for our holders and community contributors


• Development and launch of our proprietary NFT Research Platform: A powerful, community driven, comprehensive, data-centric tool to help NFT Collectors make informed decisions on the best collections to invest in


• Creation of a Drop Calendar for upcoming projects to list info and drop dates of their projects. Project founders will be given option to partner with our community for airdrops and whitelist spots for Time Travelers

•  All holders will gain access to our platform for the lifetime of their holding (Subscriptions plans will be available for non holders)

• Utilize our community wallet (funded by 10% of initial and secondary sales as well as 10% of subscription fees from analytics platform). Funds will be used to sweep floors of other projects and airdrop prizes like the NFTs we sweep and ETH to our community.

phase three

• Development and launch of our Creator tools: Intuitive Artwork Collection Generator + Smart Contract Deployment Platform

• Development and launch of our first-of-its-kind Web3/NFT jobs and freelancers marketplace. Connecting projects with talent. Stratified by categories such as Marketing, Project Management, Artists, Contract Dev. and more, Projects may post job listings to fill their teams, and freelancers may offer their services. Like Upwork, but for the NFT world.

• Holders will gain access to these tools, in addition to our collector tools

• Partnerships with Collection Creators that utilize our platform of tools will include whitelist access, airdrops, and giveaways exclusively available to our community and holders

phase four

• Introduction of new characters such as The Oligarchs, Elites, and The Party

• Further Development of storyline

• Continuing to work with our community to improve our tools, adding new functionality and value as Web3, NFT’s, and Crypto technology evolves


Our mission is to provide the assets necessary for common man to build firewalled wealth and safeguard against looming global disasters and chaos that devalue our fiat currencies and render us serfs to The Regime.

Among the many avenues of wealth-building utility we have planned:

• You will play a role in the creation of powerful NFT Research and Creation tools. This means our platform of tools will be based on the features YOU think are most important for building a valuable portfolio of NFTs.

• Lifetime access to the tools for as long as you hold the NFT.

• Our platform will feature a drop calendar of upcoming collections. Creators who utilize our tools to build their collections or list on our drop calendar will have the option to partner with us for promotions. Holders of Maybe Time Travelers and members of our community will be given exclusive access to whitelist spots, giveaways, and airdrops for the upcoming collections we partner with.

• Committed to finding ways to spread the wealth, Maybe Time Travelers will host regular giveaways of ETH, NFT’s we invest in ourselves, and more for all Time Travelers.

• As Web3 develops, we plan on being at the forefront of exploring new ways to help you find the best methods for cashing in on the experience. We… are… from the future… afterall.


Maybe Time Travelers consists of 8016 unique NFTs generated from more than hundreds of original, hand-drawn traits, deployed as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain

WL Presale: .025 ETH 
Public Sale: .04 ETH

My fellow Time Traveler, we’re minting right now.

You will be able to mint a Maybe Time Travelers NFT here on our website.

Your Time Traveler in all his futuristic… or not… splendor… will be revealed 24 hours after public sale begins

Active members in our Discord and Twitter communities will be given first dibs at whitelist spots, while we will also routinely do giveaways for whitelist spots on Twitter, in addition to collaborations with other NFT Creators

Our NFT Research platform will include data-driven metrics to help you best decide what collections are worth investing in. Some of the features we are working on with our developer are:

– Floor prices as a percentage of total sale prices to analyze the likelihood of buying a floor priced NFT and flipping it for profit

– Detailed breakdowns of collection values stratified by current sale prices, giving you a snapshot of where the value in a collection lies

– Color coded buy or sell suggestions based on proprietary data specifications

– Short term and long term Social media + discord engagement and mentions metrics to help identify short term hype and time-tested engaged communities

– Rarity data

– Historic pricing, sales volume, and trend data

– Valuation and future forecasts of your current portfolio

– And so much more


As development of our tools platform moves forward, we will share regular updates with our community. Additionally, we will consult with our community on desired features our platform should have in order to build the best possible NFT Research tool out there. This tool will be built for our community, by our community. It’s like asking yourself, “What information should I know in order to make a good decision on whether or not to mint this NFT?” and then somebody building a one-stop hub where all that real-time data you needed is aggregated and neatly displayed for your use.


As we move into Phase Three of our project, we will begin to develop our Minting Tools. These include, right now, an artwork generation tool that allows artists to create 10,000 NFT collections with no coding knowledge. Simply upload artwork and metadata, and let our platform do the rest. Additionally, we plan to develop a smart contract deployment function to round out a full suite of Collector AND Creator tools for you to enjoy. 


We are removing all barriers to wealth building with Web3. Don’t know how to best analyze collection data to make prudent buying decisions? We’ve got you covered. Want to get in on the game and create your own collection? We will make sure you can do that too. No matter what side of the NFT world you’re on, we are helping you build.


Maybe Time Travelers is created by artist Josh Austin, a former teacher turned eCommerce whiz. Josh has created multiple art-based online businesses and has watered the seeds of blockchain curiosity in his mind to set his sights on creating powerful wealth building tools for creators and collectors, accessed with unique, hand-drawn collectable artwork.